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 Destiny Ep 1

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PostSubject: Destiny Ep 1   Destiny Ep 1 Icon_minitimeSun May 26, 2013 5:14 pm

One Day, Kakarat's Mom said ' Kakarat, you better go to school or else.' Kakarat Said 'No you fucking moron!' Kakarat's mom starts to get angry and went to her room to get a fucking stick. Then Kakarat notices, he opened his house door and left his house. Kakarat said 'If you keep getting those sticks and hit me, then I'll throw them away. Kakarat left his house and ran away far.. far away. He never returned.

The Next Day, Kakarat was in a forest with no one helping him or anything. He was scared then he shouted ' MOM! WHERE ARE YOU?' Then someone named Surf came by. Surf said 'Who the fuck are you?' Kakarat replys 'Me? I am a human' Surf says 'Geez never mind. Why are you here in these places.' Kakarat said 'Because I hate my mom. She always grabs those fucking sticks and hit me for no reason.' Surf said 'Really? Your same as me!'
The two of them became friends. Then they started to build their house.

The 3rd Day, Kakarat And Surf finish building their house. Kakarat said 'Wow, I am very tired I didn't even sleep last night.' Surf said ' Me too. I am fucking tired And plus we need food and fast. Kakarat said 'We got no weapons to kill animals.' Surf said 'Oh, that is right...' Then, someone came and said 'You gots need some weapons? I got some!' Surf said 'Who are you!?!!??!' The random boy said 'I am the world's best hunter ever. My name is Xavier. You could call me 'James''. Kakarat said 'Alright lets get those weapons and get some food.


Episode 1 Of the Crazy Adventure! Stay tun for the next episode!

Xfire : kakarat123

Destiny Ep 1 Minato10
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Destiny Ep 1
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