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 Destiny Ep 2

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PostSubject: Destiny Ep 2   Destiny Ep 2 Icon_minitimeSun May 26, 2013 5:41 pm

The Fourth Day, Xavier went out to defeat monsters and animals. Kakarat and Surf continues sleeping like a pig. Cause they were very tired after making their house.
In another place (Desert), Epicpenguin a guy who is very good in english. And Payback always hungry. And Uchiha Mace, a normal guy DEAL WITH IT. Payback said 'Where are we?!?!!?' Epicpenguin said 'I think we are in some random desert...' Uchiha mace *sees something weird* And saids 'Hey guys, look over there! What is that??' Epicpenguin said 'Maybe It is a worm I can't see it.' Payback said 'THAT's A WORM?!!?!? YOU GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME.' Payback starts making a tent. Uchiha mace gets out a M4A1... and says 'I am ready to fight.' Epicpenguin gets out the Map And looks 'hmm... This desert is not very big.. I think. Mostly this place is near a forest. Guys lets go check out a forest.'
Uchiha Mace said 'Yes Sir!' Payback said 'HELL NO. I just started making a tent now you want to go to a forest!? Fine -_-.
Now Back to the forest, Kakarat and Surf still being a pig sleeping. Xavier killed 20 Ugly monsters and said 'It is already night.. I most sleep' Xavier went back to the house Kakarat and Surf built and starting sleeping.

The Fifth Day, Epicpenguin and his brothers finally made it to the forest. Uchiha Mace said 'Man that was sooo......' Uchiha Mace started sleeping. Payback said 'Wake up Mace! For crying out loud! what the fuck are we gonna do now EpicLoser.' Epicpenguin said 'What did you just say? FATSO' Payback said 'I called you motherfucker' Epicpenguin And Payback Started to Fight as Uchiha Mace slept.
Back to the forest, Kakarat said 'Wow look at that shiny sun... fuck surf! We slept 2 days!! Wheres Xavier?!?!' Surf said 'I think he went to the bathroom or something.'
Xavier said 'Calm down kakarat. I'm just brushing my teeth is there a problem?' Kakarat said 'No, but next time if your doing something TELL me' Xavier said 'Alright alright...'
Back to Epicpenguin and Payback's Fight.. Payback said 'BIG BANG ATTACK' BOOOOOM. Epicpenguin said 'learn how to aim stupid head.' Payback said 'Fuck off. FINAL FLASH!!!!!!!!' Epicpenguin *Dodges* and saids 'Wow brother you really need to learn how to AIM.' Payback said 'FUCK YOU!' Epicpenguin said 'You Mad Bro?' Payback *Punches Epicpenguin* Epicpenguin said 'Ow. Fuck you learn how to be nice to brothers KID.' Payback said ' I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT BROTHERS! I JUST WANNA KILL YOU RIGHT THIS SECOND.'
Kakarat Saw A lot of Explodes... and said 'Surf look! over there!' Surf looks and said 'Wow what a great battle!' Kakarat saids 'Dude we have to go over there and tell them to stop or else, This planet will explode!' Xavier said 'Hmph. As long It's not near us. We don't have to do anything.' Kakarat said are you fucking kidding me? Xavier said Fine let's get going guys. Kakarat And Surf said Ok.


This is Ep 2 of the Crazy Adventure! stay tun for the next episode!

Xfire : kakarat123

Destiny Ep 2 Minato10

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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Ep 2   Destiny Ep 2 Icon_minitimeMon May 27, 2013 3:22 am

lol xD

Continue this damn story Very Happy!!!

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Destiny Ep 2 P9h9

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Destiny Ep 2
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