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 Destiny Ep 4 - Rescue Payback-

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PostSubject: Destiny Ep 4 - Rescue Payback-   Destiny Ep 4 - Rescue Payback- Icon_minitimeThu May 30, 2013 5:46 pm

9th Day.

Kakarat And Surf Trained. Xavier and Uchiha Mace played video games. Epicpenguin being mad... Epicpenguin said 'Wow I can't believe My brother is gone,' Kakarat Said 'well if you weren't fighting with him he wouldn't be gone.' Surf said 'We're save him one day for sure. A guy named Joker defeat that black guy and dark guy before.' Uchiha Mace said 'Yea our brother.. he was always the lazy one.. But still he had great magical powers I believe, he learn those skills from Dragon Ball Z. And now we don't have him. WHAT NOW?' Xavier said 'I think i want to eat some hamburgers.' Surf said 'We don't have hamburgers we have nuts. You want those?' Xavier said 'Nuts? NO THANK YOU.' Surf said 'Okay whatever you want sir..' Kakarat said 'Let's get to the business and save our friend.' Everyone said 'YEA!'

10th Day.

Kakarat Said 'Think this is the place where they capture payback?' Epicpenguin said 'It's easy.. to find payback. Because whenever he gets caught or something he will scream like a baby.' Surf And Xavier said 'Oh OK.' Uchiha mace looked at the map of the world. Something in the castle screamed 'HELP HELP FUCK YOU MORON. I DON'T LIKE BEING A SLAVE. SLAVE ARE FUCKING NERDS. I WILL NOT FUCKING BE A SLAVE. IF YOU WANT ME TO BE A SLAVE GIMME 10 BUCKS OR ELSE I WILL KICK YOUR ASS OFF THIS PLACE.' Epicpenguin said 'hey heard that? It's payback must be in that castle. Let's go!' Everyone said 'Alright Let's go!'

Inside the Castle.

Surf said 'Eww this place looks like a crap.' Kakarat said 'looks more like a trash can to me!' Uchiha mace said 'I think those guys who capture Payback are dorks.' Epicpenguin said 'What MAtters? Come on! Don't be fucking kiddys. Let's go and save my fucking brother!' Payback said 'FUCK YOU SHIT DARK GUY. I DON'T LIKE TO BE SMACKED' Kakarat said 'Payback is up ahead! Let's go!' Dark Guy said 'Hmm we got enemy coming by.. Brother.' Black guy said 'I think It's those guys back there... Remember?' Dark guy said ' Oh yea.. LETS HIDE!' Payback said 'GUYS HELP ME HELP ME IM UP IN THE SKY.' Kakarat said 'Wow How can I reach from there?' Epicpenguin 'Easy I brought those batman equipment and weapons so now use this fucking thing and cut that string.'
Payback said 'Thanks.. Brother' Epicpenguin said 'No Probl..... WHAAAAAA??? SHIT!'
Dark Guy said 'HAHAHA You fell for it! You got into my TRAP.' Epicpenguin said 'What? Shit fuck you!' Surf said 'You will pay for that! Take this!' Kakarat Uses Fire Style Dragon Flame Jutsu. Dark guy said 'OWW fuck you kakarat I will burn you to peices!' Surf Used AWP and shot Dark guy's Arm. Dark guy said ' OW! WHY DO I HAVE TO GET HIT FIRST?!!??!' The Black guy showed up and galick gun Uchiha Mace and Xavier. Xavier said 'Fuck I need a bandage.' Uchiha Mace said 'Shit mother of god Sake.'

Stay Tun for the Next Episode!

Xfire : kakarat123

Destiny Ep 4 - Rescue Payback- Minato10

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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Ep 4 - Rescue Payback-   Destiny Ep 4 - Rescue Payback- Icon_minitimeFri May 31, 2013 5:10 am


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Destiny Ep 4 - Rescue Payback- P9h9

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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Ep 4 - Rescue Payback-   Destiny Ep 4 - Rescue Payback- Icon_minitimeWed Jun 05, 2013 6:29 pm

"that black guy and dark guy before"



Destiny Ep 4 - Rescue Payback- 14009840_1422037147813570_1122537317_n


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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Ep 4 - Rescue Payback-   Destiny Ep 4 - Rescue Payback- Icon_minitime

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Destiny Ep 4 - Rescue Payback-
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