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 Destiny Ep 3

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PostSubject: Destiny Ep 3   Destiny Ep 3 Icon_minitimeMon May 27, 2013 10:13 pm

The Sixth Day!

Kakarat, Surf, Xavier still walking towards the desert place... meanwhile~
Everywhere was on fire. Epicpenguin and Payback still fighting. Epicpenguin said Hey payback if you wanna fight. Then COME AND GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT. Payback starts to be a super sayain 4. Payback said YEA. Bring it on. The two of them continue fighting without fucking reasons. Kakarat sees the battling and said ' Hey guys, Shouldn't we get a car or something to get there? its taking forever.' Surf said 'Nah, I think we're ok. We're getting closer anyways.' Xavier grabs out a fucking butter(forbidden word is gold) sword... and said 'I shall defeat our enemy!' Kakarat said 'ok.... Let's get going.' Back to the ruin desert..
'FUCK YOU BROTHER I WILL DEFEAT YOU AND SEND YOU TO HELL' said payback. Epicpenguin said 'No, I will send you to hell.' suddenly, Uchiha Mace wakes up and said 'what the fuck did you guys do??!?!?! This place is on fire! lets call the firemans!'
Payback said 'Fuck off mace. My job isn't done yet.' Epicpenguin Kamekamehas' Uchiha Mace. Uchiha mace said 'What..... The Fuck... MEDIC!' Xavier heard someone screamed 'MEDIC' He ran quickly to the desert. Kakarat said 'Where are you going Xavier?' Xavier said 'I am doing my job. To rescue the person who is saying medic I guess.' Surf said 'Alright...'

The Seventh Day.

Fuck we're finally here and WTF? said Kakarat. Surf said 'I think this place turned out into a blast' Everywhere was fill with fire. 'Shit Dude guys what the fuck are you doing 2 random guys' said Surf. Payback And Epicpenguin said ' What? This ain't your business' They continue fighting... Until one Hero Stepped in And Face off the 2 random Jerks. Step a side Teenagers. I will defeat the 2 random dumbass. Payback Said 'WTF? Comic Heros?!?!'. Epicpenguin said 'Look! It's Superman.' Payback said 'Superman my ass. Of course.' The random Hero Said 'You two better learn a lesson now for being a naughty children.' Payback Said 'I ain't a fucking child. You are Random fucking motherfucker.'
The Hero Picked up a hugh rock and threw it at payback. Payback said 'OW YOU FUCKING MORON! YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!' Epicpenguin started to be scared. Surf And Kakarat said 'Wow this guy is fucking Good..'
Xavier and Uchiha Mace moments..
Xavier said 'Hey Person. You dead yet?' Uchiha Mace said 'No I am hurt that's all...' Xavier said ' here is a bandage hope you get well soon.' Uchiha MAce said 'Yeah. Hope it does.. Whats your name?' Xavier said 'My name is Xavier. You could call me 'James'.'
Uchiha Mace said 'I'll Call you James.. Alright?' Xaiver said 'It's Ok. Alright. Let's get going.'
So The Good Force was : Kakarat, Surf, Xavier, Payback, Epicpenguin and finally Uchiha Mace.

The seventh day... At 1:00am

A Dark Guy said 'HEE HEE HEE. I WILL DESTROY THIS WORLD. And another Black Guy said ' Yea. yea yea. We done this 60 times. There is always a hero to defeat us. Last time it was batman. Then SuperWoman And fucking superman. Then Robin And batman. Then Joker. The Dark guy said 'Hey when did Joker stopped us? He is evil.' The Black Guy said he betrayed us last time.' The Dark Guy said ' Fine then.. Let's get some clones and destroy this useless world.'

Stay Tun for the next episode!

Xfire : kakarat123

Destiny Ep 3 Minato10

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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Ep 3   Destiny Ep 3 Icon_minitimeWed May 29, 2013 1:56 am

lol xD

Me and Payback are rivals or enemies?xD

Hey Guest,Do you eat fish?
Destiny Ep 3 P9h9

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Destiny Ep 3
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