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 Destiny Ep 5

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PostSubject: Destiny Ep 5    Destiny Ep 5  Icon_minitimeWed Jun 05, 2013 10:50 pm

11th Day,

Kakarat met a stranger named WobbleWobble. Kakarat said 'Who on earth are you?' WobbleWobble said 'I'm your master.' Kakarat said 'What? My Master? I got no master or anything...' WobbleWobble said 'Just follow me and I'll train you to be a good ninja.' Kakarat said 'You better don't steal my fucking cookie because Xavier made it for me. Hes a good cooker Smile .' WobbleWobble said 'I got no time chasing after a cookie come I will show you some jutsu that are very good.' Kakarat and WobbleWobble Went away. Surf and Epicpenguin said 'Fuck our skills are good already.' Surf said 'What do we do now? We got payback back.' Xavier said 'Let's just enjoy eating for some bit. Cause we had walked so much already let's have a rest and keep adventuring.' Uchiha mace said 'Alright. I'll read some books I guess.' Payback gets something to play. Xavier continues cooking some food. Surf and Epicpenguin played card games.

12th Day,

Kakarat And WobbleWobble finally arrived at somewhere.
Back to Surf and the others.
Surf said 'FUCK When is the food done?' Xavier said 'Now.' Surf said 'Thank Goodness.' Epicpenguin said 'What? Oh the food is ready to be eaten ok.' Uchiha Mace comes over and start eating. Payback Starts eating. Everyone starts eating. Until...
The Dark Guy said 'HAHAHA! I'm BACK I WILL DESTROY ALL OF YOU WITH MY SPECIAL WEAPON!' Everyone said 'WHAT!?' Black guy said 'Hmph. TAKE THIS!' Surf And Epicpenguin went down dizzy. Xavier said 'NOOOO!' Xavier's Rage Came. Xavier said 'RASDASDASFASFD FALCON PUNCH' The Dark guy Went down. Black guy said 'wut? But it's Ok. We got more soldiers than you people! come my mens! we must defeat the enemy now!' Uchiha Mace said 'No.. RRGG!' Xavier and Uchiha Mace together! FALCON PUNCH KICK. Ka-boom a lot of black soldiers died. The Black guy said 'What?! Hehe it's just a blast I'll those 2 now. I bet it is Surf and Epicpenguin right? BYE BYE ASSHOLES.'
Xavier said 'No! ugh.' Uchiha mace said 'What about next time?' Xavier said 'It's just the 2 of us how can we defeat THOSE FUCKING BASTARDS.' Uchiha mace said 'No worries. I'll handle it.'

Stay tun for the next episode!

Xfire : kakarat123

Destiny Ep 5  Minato10
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Destiny Ep 5
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